The Why Matters

Quality Focus,
Not Volume Driven.


The ability to
tap into our local
and international
client base and resources.


Access to a wide-variety
of services and marketing opportunities through our local and international partners.

Your own Personal Property Broker.


1 on 1


Decisions made at director level with a hand
picked broker team.
Focus is on your project, on your problems, on your property specification, to achieve the most important thing; Results!


Investment and Value Add Knowledge, Experience and Access to transactions, clients and opportunities.


Your problems are our business.

Wherever you are in
the world, you can be assured in knowing we are there for you by phone, on email, website and instant messaging services.



Client Relationship Management is our business model, property is the product.

The Brand

Contact Us


Your feedback
matters to us.

Constant Improvement

Personal Service Matters

By taking a personalised approach to each one of our customer's property requests,

Stonelink International has become London's "boutique" real estate broker of choice.


From our carefully curated collection of off-market properties and exclusive sales, through to securing the right tenant and maintenance team for your property, you receive a level of attention and service, that while may be uncommon in the industry,
is really just another day to us...