The 1 on 1 personal broker works closely with you at all stages of the purchasing cycle...

Your personal broker will work with you, the buyer and / or your team, to see the purchase and transaction through. The acquisition is very important especially when it is combined with the most important factor; develop and maintain the long term relationship with you!

You may want to invest in a commercial industrial complex or perhaps buy residential development. Whether it is one property you would prefer to acquire or a selection of properties you would like to add to your portfolio, your broker carefully researches, finds, inspects, assesses and puts quality options in front of you to decide. Our goal is to present and demonstrate the value add proposition of the property you will buy.

You will find we effectively deal with small or large scale, complex buyer negotiations and with our strong relationships in place based on years of trust and our quality approach ensures, your specifications are met.

Personal Service Matters

By taking a personalised approach to each one of our customer's property requests,

Stonelink International has become London's "boutique" real estate broker of choice.


From our carefully curated collection of off-market properties and exclusive sales, through to securing the right tenant and maintenance team for your property, you receive a level of attention and service, that while may be uncommon in the industry,
is really just another day to us...